Commercial modular construction

Modular offsite construction is now the way forward for commercial projects, where focus is on speed, quality and cost certainty.

Moduloft offers the ideal solution to commercial projects whereby time, cost certainty and an agreed completion date of the build are guaranteed.  Modular offsite build is fast becoming a key to existing properties extending with a new additional space that is built offsite so reducing impact and disruption onsite.

Moduloft are experts in bespoke modular build, so that you can gain your bespoke space to an agreed schedule.  Our expert team can work alongside the architect or independently to produce a design that meets all the project specification for the internal space and the external finish to work with the existing building.

Our technical surveyors will do site visits during the quote stage to fully survey the space and surroundings, all with a view to ensure the modules are planned to deliver the required space to a high specification and also for access and reach to successfully deliver and lift into place.

Bespoke modular build by Moduloft means every project we design, build and complete is totally tailored to its commercial environment and agreed specifications.  Our focus is to deliver the highest standard on every project and as we handle all aspects of the project from build, delivery, lift and install this gives our customers confidence.

Commercial projects need a partner that can deliver to an agreed budget and time plan and Moduloft offers both cost certainty through their thorough quote to specification process and your build schedule is planned in to the factory and works to your delivery date.

Our projects to date demonstrate that Moduloft can work to deliver a variety of modular buildings ranging from school extensions to gain space, roof top space to gain additional flats, to converting office space into residential penthouses.  We have the skills to accommodate all size and scale of projects.