“If you are embarking on a project like this why would you not ring these guys”

You hear the name, you see the website but when you go and see a huge factory like that with so many jobs being done at the same time, it just gives you confidence.  Straight away you realise this is a big organisation who clearly can handle some impressive lofts.

Our factory visit was phenomenal to see this project being built from nothing offsite, you can get a true feel for the space and had no idea that the space would feel so big.

The factory is so impressive you just know these guys know what they are doing and are experts in offsite build.  We got to meet the various departments the builder, the plumber, the electricians – it was really cool.

These guys are polite, turn up on time and their work ethic is second to none and they deliver exactly what they say they will.

If you are embarking on any project like this why would you not ring these guys first!

Steve & John

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