“Many thanks to Moduloft!”

The Garden House, Devon

Having spent three years in argument with the local planning authority on planning issues, primarily because of location in a conservation area and that our house adjoins a protected Grade 2 terrace on one side and is next to a Grade 1 listed building on the other, on refusal then having to obtain permission by Appeal, it was with some relief that we were able to appoint Moduloft to construct the new roof extension and install without any serious further delay.

Although we were somewhat pensive when they demolished the existing roof and brought the building down to plate level with only temporary weather cover and no building in sight, it was again a relief to see the cranes in place and the first of the modules heading across the bridge the next day with the 8 hour window allowed by the County Council on their temporary road restriction control only to find that modules were in place and the building once again protected, all in a day.

We can only congratulate Moduloft for their effective and efficient organisation and service from design to fruition and the helpfulness of the entire team both at the factory and on site.   What would have been six or seven months work by traditional means was completed in a matter of two-three weeks, leaving our local traders/builders looking on in amazement along with the local school children and most of the village and holiday makers who came to watch.

The roof which came over the river and across the beach, all in one day, has transformed an “incongruous” building into what is now regarded by all as one of the best looking buildings in Shaldon.

Many thanks to Moduloft!

P & J Haywood

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