Montagu Square, London – case study

With a penthouse living apartment in central London, the owners were keen to create a perfect garden room to complete this city living penthouse. The solution designed, developed and built was to create a modular timber framed room to high specification and deliver the ultimate garden room which encapsulates the London sky line.

The property itself is Grade 2 listed and in a conservation area with the original building being over 200 years old, so a project to create more space on top of the existing building structure had many considerations.  We worked closely with Bikerdike Allen leading Architects to ensure the Moduloft final design delivered to their desired structure.

Any central London project at height is a challenge, but the efficiency and process that Moduloft adopt and run so well ensures that lift and install take place over days and so didn’t cause other residents upheaval.

This new garden room was lifted into place in 1 day and installation completed in a week onsite. With connecting spiral staircase to add to the overall connection between the main room and new garden room with ensuite. A perfect that adds value to the property and above all delivers a new space that encapsulates London city living.